Fuck Yeah Crossfit

Yes, I'm guilty. I just killed my workout.

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I push pressed 110# today. Like.. What? My feet were quiet too, none of that jumping and calling it a push press. I legit did 110# and that’s super exciting for me because my 1RM a few weeks ago was only 85#! Woohooo!

Also I ran my 1 mile in 7:31 
That’s crazy for me. I hate running.

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Someone close that door, some light’s shining in. I like it extra fucking dark. And tell the regular people to stay the fuck out… We are all beasts, living in the bunker… we live in a bunker of dark and we only come up to train. Go through the underground tunnels of society, go to our coffee shops full of mold and dirt. grab our bars that hardly spin, put them on our backs like swords. March down the narrow hallways, narrow tunnels, underground to go up and lift big weight. That’s what we do.
Jon North

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